Welcome to the Edmonton Goonie, an online alternative newspaper aimed at helping local artists thrive and venues survive. That’s our mandate, blending the best elements of the Edmonton Journal and Vue Weekly to help fill the void in our city’s arts and entertainment coverage.

My name is Ryno Garner, the Edmonton Goonie's Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief. I was born in Lethbridge and bred in Fort McMurray, schooled in Salt Lake City and spoiled in San Francisco, revived in Fort Lauderdale and refined in Edmonton, the City of Champions.

Inspired by the 1985 film Roger Ebert said “walks a thin line between the cheerful and the gruesome,” we chose the name Goonie to denote our status as likeable outcasts and reinforce our values of friendship, teamwork and transparency.


Read us, share us, join us, because in perilous times we are stronger together. We are Goonies. Goonies never say die.